Business Signs Speak in Color

When you consider indoor signs or outdoor signs for your business, what do you want them to say?  Make no mistake, signs do speak in color!  Even before the words on a sign register in your prospective customer’s brain, the colors have already made an emotional impression.

If you are using the colors of your logo and other business marketing material, what do you know about how they influence a response in a customer or prospect?  When you use colors in marketing and advertising, it helps to know how the psychology of color can help you.  For example, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow have the effect of stimulating interest, excitement, and even hunger.  On the other side of the color wheel, cool colors like blues, purples, and some greens can evoke perceptions of tranquility and peace.  Darker colors in this range create perceptions of wealth, dependability, and integrity.

Colors in the blue spectrum are less likely to “pop” on a sign, as you might expect a bright purple, red, or orange might.  However, the dependable blue can be a great balance color as a contrast and it is quite popular in many industries, such as medical and financial.  Speaking of contrast – black and white are popular sign colors, especially for lettering, borders, and backgrounds.  The greatest contrast possible in color is between black and white – so these, mixed artfully with other colors in your marketing materials and signs can have quite an impact!

Understanding the psychology of color and how it can influence customer perceptions and buying decisions is one of our specialties at Captivating Signs. Let us help you speak the language of color in your business signs, and all your marketing materials.  Click here to send an inquiry or give us a call today at 630-470-6161..

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