Catch the Attention of Passersby with Storefront Signs

Many businesses in Chicago, Naperville and elsewhere rely on high volumes of foot traffic to meet their sales goals. So, much of their signage strategy is about drawing more passersby into the business, whether those people are driving or walking by. Storefront signs, especially custom storefront signs, are one of the best ways to turn window shoppers into real shoppers. Here are a few signs you can use to draw more people into your property. 

1. Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are the latest in custom storefront sign trends. These bold signs have been adopted by a huge portion of the businesses in Chicago because they are very effective. They really make each letter, and therefore your whole brand, stand out. Each letter has maximum contrast with the unlit background, which makes these signs easy to read even when you’re driving by. If you want more traffic from the road, channel letter signs are a great option.

2. Banners

Maybe you don’t have the budget for a channel letter sign. Or, maybe you want to promote seasonal events to help bring in customers, in which case a permanent sign doesn’t make much sense. In both cases, a banner sign is more in line with your goals. Banners can be just as big as other storefront signs, for significantly less cost. You can print all kinds of seasonal messages on them, and even reuse them year after year.

3. Vinyl Signs

Does your storefront have a lot of glass? You can make the most of this space with vinyl signs. Vinyl sheets are affordable, highly customizable, and flexible. You can use vinyl signs to announce your hours, promote sales, or just project your brand, all of which will help bring people into your store.

4. Pole Signs

Looking to make a big impact? A pole sign is a great solution. These tall signs draw in crowds, by letting them know exactly where your business is and by giving you more space to connect with them. Pole signs can include whole sentences, where you can promote the specifics of your business.

Ready to Get Started on Your Store Front Sign?

At Captivating Signs, we can help you select the right type of sign for your purposes. Our designs are refreshing and will capture the essence of your brand, to encourage customers to head on in. If you want a truly effective sign and you’re in Chicago & Naperville, contact us today.

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