Channel Letter Signs Can Add Value to Your Company’s Image

Your storefront sign is an important investment. It’s not enough for your sign to simply tell your customer where you’re located. Instead, your sign needs to out-compete the other signs near you for visual attention. It should also help your branding effort, by creating an impression in the viewer’s mind that truly reflects your business and its values. A channel letter sign can accomplish this like no other.

Why Choose Channel Letters?

Channel letters are a dramatic new signage option with a bolder look that stands out. It’s partly a metal sign, with a lighting component that adds a few different light effects. The channel letters themselves can be in any color and shape you like. They may match your existing branding exactly, or help you make a change to a new brand impression. In fact, we believe this is the most impactful metal sign you can pick.

Lighting Options

Dimensional letter signage would not be as impressive without lighting. There are several lighting options you can choose from. The light can be in the acrylic or metal letters themselves, so they glow out the front. This can impart a unique color to the sign.

Or, channel letter signs may have lights behind them, to give a halo or back-lit effect. This helps the letters stand out too – but looks more reserved or classy.

You can combine these two lighting options to create an even brighter sign that attracts more attention. These are called combination-lit channel letter signs.

Fully Custom Channel Letter Signs

Dimensional letter signs can be highly customized. It’s worth paying extra attention to the details on this sign type, as it will be the face of your business for many years. At Captivating Signs, we go the extra mile to create channel letters that make your business stand out from the crowd.

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