Channel Letters Size DOES Matter? Know the Correct Size

Channel letter signs are the exciting, bold new lettering signs you can put on your storefront. While we can make a custom channel letter sign for you in a huge range of sizes, there are limitations. There is a minimum size for channel letter signs. Plus, the larger signs can help you make a bigger impact on your audience. Here’s what you need to know about channel letter size.

Minimum Size

There is a minimum size for channel letter signs. If they’re smaller than eight inches, the LED lighting won’t fit inside. You need to plan for a sign size at least eight inches wide, but ideally larger.

If you’re trying to make a custom channel letter sign that’s too small, you may be better off choosing a different kind of sign such as non-lit dimensional letters, steel or aluminum letters. They can be back-lit too, to catch the same attention.

Channel letter signs shouldn’t be this small. You want people on the street, across the road, or in the high rise next to you to see your sign clearly. The greater the reach your sign has, the more impressions it will make in a day – and the more business it can drive to your building.

Maximum Impact

You want a large sign, but how large is too large? As you increase the size of the channel letters, a few things change. First, larger channel letter signs need a stronger acrylic so that they stand up to weather conditions despite their size. These large signs may also be priced higher because of more material required and extra LEDs and power supply. Generally speaking, if you have a store front, anywhere from 18 to 36 inch letters is a good size for majority of the businesses.

Custom Channel Letter Signs From Captivating Signs

Deciding on a size for your channel letter sign?  Convinced you need a sign with vinyl lettering instead? Contact us with your questions about your channel letter size and we can give you specific advice based on your budget, building size and location.

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