Create A Wow Factor In Office With Back-lit Lobby Signs

Lobby signs for businesses are intended to make an impression upon your clients or customers. Often businesses want to give their office a feeling of authority, presence, quality, and much more. One element of lobby signage that really helps build brand presence is lighting.

Back-lit lobby signs are impressive, but you may have questions about them before you’re ready to commit. Here’s what you need to know about back-lit signs for your lobby.

Energy Usage

Yes, back-lit lobby signs will use some electricity, while your typical plastic or metal directory signs don’t use energy at all. However, we make lobby signs with highly energy-efficient LED lighting. The impact of a back-lit sign is often worth the small additional energy cost a business will incur. Further, these signs can be turned off when you’re not expecting a lot of traffic in your lobby.

Light Levels

Just how bright are these signs? You certainly wouldn’t want your lobby sign to be a main source of light in your office space. That being said: it’s not a weak light. Even in a very well-lit lobby, the back-lighting behind your lobby sign will be obvious and impressive.

You also don’t need to light up every corner of a back-lit lobby sign. Using light sparingly can make a more dramatic impact. Consider our back-lit lobby sign for Barkett Realty, where the moderate lighting gives the subtle impression of a skyline.

Color Lights

At Captivating Signs, we can light your lobby sign with different colors. If a certain color would look best with your logo or with your existing lobby décor, we can either install a colored light or use acrylic elements of the sign to add color as the light moves through it.

Choose Captivating Signs

Would your custom lobby sign benefit from back lighting? Reach out to us at Captivating Signs to discuss your options and how to best represent your brand. We offer lobby signs for businesses and much more.

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