Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich Board Signs

Of all of the outdoor signs we offer, sandwich signs are some of the most informative, interesting, and successful signs. These signs can creatively appeal to your customer, right on their level as they walk by your restaurant, store, or listing. Those in Naperville and Chicago who have a lot of foot traffic outside of their property or are looking for a friendly and informative sign option, will love a custom sidewalk sign. Here’s what you need to know about these signs.

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Benefits of A-Frame Signs

These signs can benefit your business in many ways:

The right location

Sandwich signs work because they face towards the customer as they walk by, while your other exterior signs face out to the street. That’s how they get more attention.


These are portable signs that hold themselves up, so there is no need to install them. You can move them freely to wherever they’ll get the most attention, even if that spot changes daily.


As people see these signs up close, you can include a lot of information on them in a smaller font. Consider adding your menu information.


They are made to sit outside, and they can resist the impact of the rain and sun for a long time without losing their good looks.


 These signs can have any font, color and graphics that you want, which means that you can have them match your branding exactly.

Design Ideas for Sandwich Board Signs

Your custom sidewalk sign should speak to your brand and convey the information that you need in order to entice your customers inside. These signs are all about presenting your brand image. Whether your brand is exciting, mysterious, adventurous, or playful, we can create a design that will help you appeal best to your target audience. You may also want to consider if this design should be permanent, or if part of the sign should be chalk or white board to allow you to change it as your promotions or menu change.

Why Work with Captivating Signs?

At Captivating Signs, we work hard to bring your brand to life in every sign we make. A-frame signs are no exception. In fact, we feel that they have more room than some other sign types for branding, personality, and even quality materials. If you are considering getting any indoor or outdoor sign in Naperville or Chicago, reach out to us to get started.