Different Types of Office Signs And How to Choose the Right One

Does your office feel like it’s yours? Office signs can help you brand your space, welcome your clients, help them find the right room, and much more. Plus, when it comes to office signs, you have many options. Which type can help you make the most of your office space? We’ll discuss your options and help you decide which you should choose.

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Lobby Logo Signs

Are you making the most of your lobby? Businesses use lobby signs to boost their branding and welcome their customer. A well-designed lobby sign raises your customer’s opinion of you and helps make the space feel more unified and complete. 

Glass Door Signs

Not all offices have glass, but if yours does you have some interesting options for signs. Your front door and each individual office door may have a window. If so, you can add etched glass office signs. The etched look is very professional and can impart that impression to your brand.

Glass Office Signs

Some modern offices have glass walls, which give you plenty of room to work with. On these walls, consider adding large vinyl banners or wall murals. With glass office signs, you can add a lot of color, useful information, or advertisements, without blocking out all the natural light.

Also, if you have a lot of glass in your office you may want to consider adding frosted or textured effects. These enhancements to the glass improve privacy, without limiting natural light. This is especially important in boardrooms, or for businesses that need to keep their customers’ information private, like law firms and medical offices.

Vinyl Door Signs for Offices

Even if your doors are solid wood, you can still add vinyl signs to them. Vinyl can be cheaper than traditional office door signs, while allowing you to add full-color graphics. You have more flexibility with vinyl door signs, and they are cheaper to replace if you hire a new staff member or move offices around.

Wayfinding Signs

If you have a larger office, you should consider adding wayfinding signs. These help your customers find their way so that they avoid the inconvenience of getting lost, and overall feel more comfortable in your office.

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