Different Types of Safety Signs and Their Uses

Every business requires safety signs to keep their employees and customers safe. You may need safety signs to adhere to laws and regulations. When you buy safety signs, you’ll also want to make sure they’re ADA safety signs or those that follow the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

However, safety signs are the types of signage that you might not think to buy until you need it. Look through this list of various safety signs to double-check that you have the signs you need. We’ll also explore what you should consider when designing your sign to best fill that specific safety need.

Temporary Safety Signs

Temporary safety signs are used to mark temporary safety hazards, such as trip hazards that have yet to be fixed, construction work, temporary obstacles, and even new installations or features that may confuse those walking by. When creating a temporary sign, you’ll want to consider:

  • Size: A safety sign must be large enough for someone to read from a safe distance.
  • Readability: Clear font is necessary for readability. You may not want to use your brand’s font.
  • Weatherproofing: If it will be an outdoor safety sign, it should be weather-proof.

Wet Floor Signs

Every business with a storefront or office needs a wet floor sign. Wet floors can create slip, trip and fall risks and it is your responsibility to warn people with a wet floor sign. Still, you don’t have to stick with those boring yellow wet floor signs. A custom wet floor sign can be a creative opportunity for branding, so long as it still clearly does its main job of warning people about your wet floors.

Exit Signs

If you own the property that you’re in, you may be responsible for having emergency exit signs posted and maintained. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and other laws determine when and where you need exit signs. The basics are that exits signs should label every exit and be lit with back-up electricity so that they can be seen even if the power goes out. You may also need signs to guide people to the exits. It all depends on your building, but Captivating Signs can advise you.

Safety Signs from Captivating Signs

Captivating Signs can help you design the right safety sign to keep your staff, customers and guests safe. From temporary safety signs to ADA safety signs, we create, manufacture and install them all. Contact us to start your sign consultation.

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