Directional Signs: Why Are They So Important?

When you walk around your property, you know it inside and out. You may forget how it appears to customers, guests, and new staff members. Some properties are confusing, dark, intimidating, or busy. And when your customers are focused on navigating such a space, they aren’t focused on buying things. In fact, they may get the wrong impression about your business altogether. This is why directional signs are so important. They help your customer understand your property and your brand in Naperville & Chicago, IL. Here’s why you should get custom directional signs for your building.

Alleviate Confusion

When your customer is confused, they are having a bad customer experience. Even momentary confusion over where they should go or how to find the right person or department, can leave a lasting impression on your customer. There’s no reason to take the risk that your customers will be confused. Not when wayfinding signs can make things clear and help guide your customers wherever they need to go.

Create Comfort

You want your customers or guests to feel relaxed in your space, so they associate your brand with calm and comfort. However, the act of asking for directions can get in the way of that. This is especially true in environments where some customers may be embarrassed, including law firms, health care facilities, schools for adults, and more. If you can make your customers more comfortable, you should always take the opportunity. It demonstrates that you care about them and makes it easier for them to ask for your services and/or products.

Support Those with Disabilities

The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, does require that you have wayfinding signs with certain characteristics, including braille, high contrast colors, and placement at a certain height. These ADA custom signs help those with disabilities navigate your space and have the same access to your building that other customers do.

In Chicago, you’re required to have these signs, but that isn’t the only reason you should put them up. You can feel good about putting these signs up, knowing that you’re supporting your customers or other guests who have disabilities and want to be independent and navigate your building for themselves.

Get Custom Directional Signs from Captivating Signs

Directional signs include lobby signs, door signs, directory signs, emergency exit signs, bathroom signs, and many more. It can be overwhelming thinking about how many signs you need. At Captivating Signs, we can assess your sign needs and create the right ones for you in Chicago and Naperville, IL. Contact us today.

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