Do Your Outdoor Business Signs Attract Positive Attention?

Do the customers you want to attract know who you are, where you are, and what your business does? Could you be missing out on potential sales traffic because you’re not effectively using outdoor business signs to drive people to your location?

The consequences of having poor outdoor business signs run much deeper than you might expect. Effective outdoor signage can attract up to 50% of your customers! When the right signage becomes part of your marketing strategy, you can not only expect greater visibility, but better brand reputation, too. From channel letters to illuminated outdoor business signs, investing in unique commercial signage will help you attract the positive attention you want for your business.

Outdoor Business Signs

Assessing Your Current Outdoor Business Signs

Take a few minutes and do a quick audit of your current outdoor signage to see if it’s time for an upgrade.

• Is your sign too crowded? Even though you may feel like you have a lot to say, crowded signs are hard to read. In fact, they tend to have the opposite effect. Instead of proving to be helpful, people usually skip them and take away little to no information at all.

• Is your sign properly placed? A good sign can be ruined if it’s placed where no one can see it! You need to be sure that people can see it from the road, as well as from multiple directions. Even professional looking channel letters won’t do much if they aren’t high enough to be easily visible.

• Is it readable? This may seem obvious, but the font you pick as well as the contrast of colors used has a huge impact of the effectiveness of your sign. The font size has to be big enough for people to read from a distance and the sign should still be visible at night.

• Is your sign accurate? If you’ve changed any products, services, hours, or prices that are conveyed on the sign, you need to make sure that you’re giving out correct information. Directional signs that no longer lead people to the right place also need to go, as these small things can build negative associations for your business.

• Is your sign in good condition? Cracked, peeled, or faded signs, or electronic signs with burnt out letters, won’t give off the positive impression that you want.

Building Better Business Signs With Captivating Signs

If you hesitated to answer any of the questions above, it’s time to make changes to your outdoor business signs. There are many options for effective outdoor signage, so be sure to consider the best options for your business. The right professional signage company will work with you to create custom signs that properly convey and represent your business, and create the positive exposure you want.

At Captivating Signs we take the time to understand your requirements, including design elements, timeline, and budget. Our professional team will put together a creative proposal that will provide your business with outdoor business signs that get you noticed. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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