Does Your Lobby Signage Need An Upgrade?

It is widely known that “there is only one chance to make a first impression.” However, many businesses are shocked to discover that the window of opportunity is not measured in days, hours, or even minutes. It is measured in seconds — seven seconds, to be precise.

In fact, researchers have revealed that the window of opportunity for first impressions typically opens and closes in a mere seven seconds. Considering this reality on the business landscape, it is a safe bet that your sales and service teams are trained to make a great first impression. However, their best efforts may be undermined by something you might not have given much thought to: your lobby sign. Your lobby sign is often one of the first ways clients interact with your business and if it doesn’t accurately represent your brand or quality, clients might feel dissuaded from completing the sale.

Lobby Signage

Here are three signs that your lobby sign needs an upgrade ASAP:

  1. Your lobby sign looks faded and worn.

Regardless of how strong and successful your business is — and how promising the future looks — nothing says “our best days are behind us” louder than faded and worn lobby signs for business. And remember: people form this negative judgement within seconds; and often subconsciously.

  1. Your lobby sign is “old school” rather than “retro.”

Being “retro” these days is very trendy, and a coveted image to cultivate. However, “old school” is a different story. It basically means that a person — or in this context, a business — is living in the past vs. leading towards the future. As such, even if your lobby sign doesn’t show visible wear and tear, if it looks “old school” then you will be perceived as behind the times, especially compared to your competitors who have a much more modern image thanks to (for example) dynamic and stylish backlit lobby signs.

  1. Your lobby sign is inaccurate.

This symptom doesn’t require much explanation: if your lobby sign isn’t conveying accurate information, then you need to upgrade your sign ASAP. For example, you may have changed your name due to a merger or partnership, your phone number, your tagline, your website URL, or other information. Conveying inaccurate information sends a very negative message to your clients, as they may think: “if this business doesn’t care about conveying accurate information, are they really going to care about providing quality services/products?”

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