Don’t Let These Vehicle Wrap Myths Hold Your Business Back

Have you considered a vehicle wrap for your business? Even though vehicle wraps are durable advertisements that deliver year after year, there are many myths circulating about them. Don’t let these common misconceptions stop you from investing in a vehicle wrap that can boost your business.

Vehicle Wrap


Myth One: A Vehicle Wrap Ruins Your Paint

In the past, low-quality vehicle wraps were liable to destroy the paint beneath the vinyl graphics. When you took off the wrap, you’d need to also re-paint the vehicle.

However, you don’t have to worry about this when you choose a vehicle wrap from Captivating Signs. We use the new, high quality vehicle wrap material that stays securely on the vehicle, but also peels off cleanly, without damaging the paint beneath.

This means you don’t have to worry about repainting the vehicle if you decide to remove the wrap and sell it. Or, if you change your branding in a few years and want a new vehicle wrap, you don’t have to worry about repainting the vehicle just to put a new graphic on it.

Myth Two: Vehicle Wraps Are Tough to Remove

Speaking of changing up your vehicle wrap, many people worry that taking off the original wrap will be a challenge. However, new wraps have made the removal process much smoother and simpler.

All we need to do is apply a bit of heat to the vinyl, and it peels off easier than a child’s sticker, without any of the messy residue you’re imagining. A lot of research and development dollars have gone into making vehicle wraps easier to work with, which means you can remove your vinyl graphics whenever you want to.

Myth Three: You Can’t Wrap A Leased Vehicle

Companies that lease their vehicles may believe that vinyl graphics just aren’t an option for them. Won’t the lease company be upset you put a wrap on the vehicle, because it reduces the value of the vehicle? Not at all. Most rental companies understand that their clients get a lot of value out of vehicle wraps, and have decided to allow them.

If you ask your lease company about wrapping your vehicle you may be surprised at their answer. These companies know that quality vehicle wraps can be removed without any damage to the vehicle beneath, so that when you return the vehicle they can give it to the next customer without needing to repaint it.

Have Questions About Vehicle Wraps?

There are many more myths about vehicle wraps, and we’re happy to debunk them! If you have questions about how vehicle wraps can benefit your business or how they work, reach out to us at Captivating Signs.

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