Elevate Your Office Atmosphere with Striking Lobby Signs

An office is a place of work that traditionally radiates professionalism, cleanliness, and competence. But how do these spaces create this specific environment?
While there are many contributing factors, from paint colors to layout, signage is also significant in crafting the right atmosphere for both clients and employees. If you’re looking for a way to instantly elevate your office, start with lobby signage. This blog will uncover the power of lobby signs and share key tips and tricks for your office.

The Importance of a Lobby

The lobby is often the first place that anyone sees in an office, as it is the first room entered after walking through the front doors. Some businesses have established lobbies or reception areas that house all clients or customers, while others use entryways to kickstart the overall customer experience. This space is where first impressions are made, which impacts the rest of the individual’s time spent with your business and their likelihood of returning or referring the business to others.

Why Office Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs for business contribute to creating your ideal aesthetic and mood. They are also responsible for the following:
• Introducing your business upon entry
• Indicating that customers are in the right place
• Setting the mood for the customer experience
• Providing any essential information
• Supporting employees with customer assistance
• Creating the right first impression
• Offering navigation assistance
• Decorating the lobby to reflect a brand’s identity

Choosing Your Lobby Signage

• Illuminated Signs: Shine a light on your business by choosing from the array of illuminated signs available. From LED signs to illuminated acrylic signs, the visibility of your sign will increase dramatically.
• Dimensional Letters: Spell out your business name clearly and eye-catchingly with dimensional letters. These custom lobby signs are perfect for creating a professional, sleek aesthetic in your office or building.
• Metal Logos: Build brand recognition by opting to highlight your logo instead of your business name. As it is a key brand element, your logo will become easily associated with your business through this metal sign solution.
• Hanging Signs: Do your clients need to provide important information upon arrival or fulfill a specific action to be served? Hanging signs are visible, unobstructed signs that can be customized to include a variety of messages or directions to guide the customer experience.
If you’re not seeing your ideal lobby signage, give us a call to discuss your vision. We take pride in bringing our clients’ ideal sign to life through creativity, innovation, and industry expertise.

Your Trusted Signage Partner

Whether you’re looking for office lobby signs or other effective sign solutions, our team at Captivating Signs is ready to jump into action. We work closely with our clients to learn more about their business, so that we can consider their unique needs, goals, and challenges during our signage process. This allows us to create captivating signage that embodies their brand and accomplishes their goals.

If you’re ready to get started today, reach out to book your consultation. We’re excited to kickstart your next signage project with you!

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