Enhance The Professional Look Of Your Business With Metal Signs

Metal signs are one of the most effective and affordable ways to enhance the professional look of your business. Here are the key benefits and advantages:

  • All-Season Durability

Metal signs are built to last and withstand everything that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have in store. Metal signs can handle even the most extreme weather conditions, while signs made of other materials may split, warp, bow, or shatter. Overall, you can expect professionally designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained metal signs to last for 10-20 years — and in some cases, even longer.

Business With Metal Signs

  • Fully Customizable

Metal signs can be customized to capture specific design details such as color, shape, and size. What’s more, the thickness (gauge) can be customized, and there are several enamel finish options as well such as baked enamel, air dry enamel, and porcelain enamel. Each of these finishes has its own unique look and feel.

  • Surprisingly Affordable

Many businesses hold off on upgrading to metal signs because they think it is beyond their budget. However, metal signs are surprisingly affordable — especially when compared to other material and substrates like redwood, and even some plastics.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation

Metal signs are ideal for internal as well as external use. A growing number of businesses are choosing aluminum, steel or cast iron custom lobby signs to create a polished and professional image, and make a positive impression on their customers and other visitors.

  • Lit or Unlit

If desired, you can illuminate metal signs with crisp, clear and energy-efficient LED lighting. This is ideal for custom lobby signs, as well as external usage if your business need a highly noticeable night sign footprint (i.e. restaurants, nightclubs, bars, etc.).

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