Ensure Your Customers’ Well-Being with a Proper Mix of Social Distancing Signs

The latest safety signs your business needs are to help customers understand and adhere to social distancing rules. The signs that you need will depend on your local laws and the health directives from your local health authorities, of course. However, specific signs have emerged as the tools of choice for conducting business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a quick rundown of the best custom business signs for this purpose, whether you have a physical location in Naperville or not.

Floor Decals

While floor decals were a lesser-used sign type before the pandemic, they are now a staple. That’s because they are the best way to indicate to customers where they should stand in order to stay 6 feet apart. Floor decals can also be used to direct customer traffic one-way down aisles or in other spaces.

It’s wise to mark out your space with tape to see how many floor decals you’ll need before you place your order.

Indoor Business Signs

Floor decals aren’t always enough because sometimes people don’t look down to see them. In this case, you will need indoor business signs to mount on walls to let customers know if they should stop, where they should start a line, and if your aisle of other space is for one-way traffic.

Window Signs

Window signs are useful to help set the expectations for your customers before they walk in the door. Signs should tell customers about your mask policy, and other ways that you are keeping them safe from the spread of COVID-19. Custom business signs can display any information you want, so they are a great option for this

Vehicle Decals

For those businesses that don’t have a physical location, like contractors, adding a COVID-19 specific decal to their vehicle may be very helpful. You can let customers know your safety standards when you go into their home, including whether you wear a mask, foot coverings, or use a cleaner on the surfaces you touch. A vehicle decal is a cost-effective way to tell customers you’re taking their safety seriously.

Choose Captivating Signs for Social Distancing Signs

When it comes to social distancing signs, installation is just as important as sign design. If your signs are too close together, you could be violating health directives, and putting your customers and staff at risk. That’s why you should trust Captivating Signs for all of your COVID-19 safety signs in Chicago & Naperville. Contact us today.

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