Everything You Need to Know About Metal Signs

Stainless steel signs are known for their straightforward and serious charm. When customers see them, they immediately have the impression that the company knows what they are doing. Although these signs are excellent assets that will bring value to your brand, you need to learn more about them before going straight into design and production.

Types of Customized Metal Signs

  • Aluminum signs: If you want signs that are resistant to rust and water, go for aluminum signs. These are easy to install and lightweight, making them excellent for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Alumalite signs: Are you worried about harsh weather conditions in your area that could potentially destroy your signs and shorten their expected longevity? If that’s the case, selecting Alumalite metal signs is the safest option. These corrugated signs are specially engineered to withstand the outside elements, allowing you to maximize your marketing investment.
  • Stainless steel signs: They are highly resistant to external damage, especially when treated with a special protective coating. If you want to invest in signs that have twice the strength, opt for plate steel signs instead.
  • Dibond signs: Many entrepreneurs request these signs because of their superior damage resistance quality. These signs are fabricated with a polyethylene core that contributes to the signs’ overall durability without the added weight.

Benefits of Investing in Custom Metal Signs

  1. Hardwearing and long-lasting: Are you looking for a long-term signage investment? With metal signs, you don’t have to worry much about spending for constant repairs or untimely replacements because they are built to withstand various weather conditions.
  2. Versatility: Metal is an excellent material to mold into your preferred shape or size. This is why it’s perfect for logos with complex designs.
  3. Fast production: Metal is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs who have little time to spare for the completion of the entire signage project. From last-minute requests to unexpected damage to your previous signage, metal signs from Captivating Signs are the perfect solution.
  4. Illumination options: Draw more attention and interest to your signage with proper illumination. Lighted metal signage will stand out from competitors and help make your brand stay top-of-mind. With this, you can also reap the benefits of round-the-clock visibility.
  5. Cost-effective: Considering that metal signs are built to withstand the test of time, your cost per thousand views goes down to almost zero. With a reputable sign shop, such as Captivating Signs, you can expect not to be shortchanged when it comes to the quality of the sign and installation.
  6. Multi-purpose: Stainless steel signs are not just for your official logo and company name. These are also fantastic for elegantly showcasing wayfinding information, directional cues, room identification, safety signs, and more.
  7. Exudes professionalism: Metal signs have a timeless appeal. Regardless of your branding strategy, you can always use metal to establish your brand’s reputation in the market.
  8. Boost customers’ perceived trust: It’s common for customers to associate the quality of a brand’s products or services with how well made and installed their business signs are. Since metal signs have an established yet sleek and edgy appearance, you can expect to make a positive and lasting impression with your target audience.

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