It is claimed that for a firm to prosper, it must have strong relationships with its customers. Setting your business up for success for future interactions with potential clients begins with making a good first impression during its introduction. One way to optimize your first impression is by installing eye-catching interior signage.

Given the number of custom office signs that are available for companies, selecting the right one for your unique company may seem challenging. That’s what the team at Captivating Signs is here for! With tailored recommendations and industry expertise, we will help you make the right choice.

Exterior office signs will make customers enter your business, but it will be your interior signs that keep them coming back. Here are five types of company custom office signs every successful business needs to have.


ADA-Compliant Signs
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines the rules and regulations that businesses must follow when installing accessible signage for individuals with disabilities. ADA signs are designed to assist those with hearing, visual, or cognitive impairments in public settings. They may be customized to include your brand in some ways, but the tactile characters and contrasting background colors must remain consistent with ADA guidelines to be considered compliant.

Wayfinding Signs
Otherwise known as directional signs, the main function of these signs is to assist employees, customers, and guests navigate a space, but their usefulness does not stop there. They can also be used for identifying, regulatory, or informational purposes. While their purpose is traditionally functional, they are also extremely customizable, which means they will add to the décor of your company and highlight your brand.

Digital Displays
Due to its dynamic displays, digital signage will instantly capture your clients’ attention. Show a variety of information, such as your company’s name and logo, vision, live weather updates, and social media feeds. While the investment in digital signage is substantial, it elevates your space, reduces the need for replacement signage, and creates a positive experience for employees and customers.

Lobby Signs
Offices often have a lobby or reception area that all visitors experience. Lobby signs are the perfect way to make a favorable impression by welcoming anyone who enters. When developing a design concept for your sign, be certain that it is consistent with your company’s brand. Clearly identify your business name and brand to assure customers that they are in the right place and build brand recognition.

Wall Graphics
Another way to update your décor and emphasize your brand is to transform your office with wall graphics. Whether you choose a full-size mural or individual wall stickers, you can decorate your office with cityscapes, landscapes, motivational phrases, and more.


Captivating Signs can help you upgrade your office signage system. We work with our clients to design the best custom indoor signage to complement their brand. Our trained staff will guide you through the entire process from designing to installing the sign of your choice. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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