Flag Signs For Business – A Great Way Of Advertising

Spring is just around the corner! Are you getting ready for your next marketing push?

Temporary outdoor signs are used by many businesses to attract attention. You have probably noticed the fluttering flags by the roadside. If you are noticing flags planted outside other businesses, imagine the promotion potential of flags outside your business. Flags can have creative images and colorful text, or simply with messaging designed to be read easily and safely by passers-by.

Flags are a great way of promoting your new product or service and drive customers to your location. Flags come in different sizes and heights, one sided or two sided, and come with the initial set of hardware to install them. When you have a new promotion, you can order just the flag, using your existing hardware. Using these flags indoors simply requires a different base to mount the flag. Flag banners are affordable options for temporary signage that is proven to attract attention.

Flags banners and signs are great tool for restaurants, retail stores, auto repair stores, real estate agents, hair and nail salons, dry cleaners, veternary offices, sports stores, day spas, churches, chiropractors, golf courses, and many more.

Flag signs are also a great way to make announcements such as new products, special offers, open houses, brunch special, weekend special, happy hours, parking, and much more. These signs are not just for business; they are great for annoucements such as new babies, graduations, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Flags are made from fabric and are digitally printed, so they are durable enough to last through a season or more. Captivating Signs has in-house design team, which can design creative options from your requirements. When you want to advertise and promote your business with flag banners, give us a call and we will help you out. Check with us whether permits are required for flag banners.

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