Four Storefront Signs That Grab Attention

Storefront signs aren’t doing their job if they don’t stand out from the crowd. In a market full of typical lighted building signs, your brand needs something that really grabs attention, and makes a unique impression on your customer or potential customer. There are a few unique storefront signs that bring that extra pizzazz to your building. Here are just four of them:

1. Canopy Signs

What does a canopy sign remind you of? Parisian cafes, delightful specialty stores, old-time butcher shops, and flower markets? You can use canopy signs to make your storefront feel familiar, trustworthy, and honest. New canopy signs are much more durable than the ones used in the past and they come in custom colors.

2. Wood Signs

Small wood signs, like the one we made for the Malas Law Firm, adds a special touch to a storefront. Wood signs are one of those outdoor business signs that add a rustic charm to any establishment. Not only do they make the most of a small amount of space, they add a traditional or natural vibe to your storefront atmosphere. Businesses that invest in wood signs make their brand feel more simple, uncomplicated and trustworthy. This makes it perfect for small but authority-driven businesses like small law offices and dentists.

3. Channel Letter Signs

Of course, you can’t forget lighted business signs. These signs will catch attention even after the sun goes down, and are visible from further away even during the day. Among our favorite lighted business signs are channel letter signs. These include bold, individual letters that look modern and crisp.

outdoor business signs

4. Neon Signs

Is a modern sign type like channel letter signs not right for your brand? Not to worry, you can still get a lighted business sign that has a vintage, old fashioned or homey feeling. Neon signs are just the choice for you. Though these signs are modern and energy-efficient, they look just like the neon signs of the past. Except, they are made of LEDs and last much longer than real neon signs.


Storefront Signs From Captivating Signs

Which of these four attention-grabbing storefront signs has inspired you most? Don’t feel limited to choose just one. At Captivating Signs our talented designers can provide you with multiple sign types that still create a unified look for your storefront. Talk to us today to discuss your sign options.

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