Growing Your Business with Outdoor Signs

Whether your business is brand new or a hundred years old, growth is your goal. You want to attract new customers and become an even stronger force in your industry. Businesses need to grow, and outdoor business signs can help you achieve that growth. From fascia signs to banners and monument signs, there’s a whole world of exterior business sign options. Here’s what these signs can accomplish for you, and which specific signs accomplish that goal best.

Build Brand Awareness

In order to get customers, you need strong brand awareness that brings customers to you. Outdoor signs help you create a brand presence. The best signs exemplify your brand image, whether it’s secure and traditional or innovative and creative. They then communicate that message in a way that is unmistakable to the general public.

The best signs for brand awareness include:

  • Pole signs
  • Building signs
  • Monument signs

Promote Your New Location

Have you just opened a new location in Naperville? Whether it’s your first or your fifth, you need outdoor lighted business signs and other sign options to help develop a presence in your new home and be noticed at all hours. People will be much more likely to notice your business when you have large, lit signs. If your new location is stuck behind other buildings, trees, or lost among a dozen other businesses, work with a sign professional to position your sign to maximize its visibility.

The best signs to promote a new location include:

Advertise Sale Events

Outdoor business signs can also help drive sales and grow your business revenue. People are more likely to drop into your store when they can see that you have some deals for them to take advantage of. Don’t just advertise sales inside, or you won’t get as much foot traffic. A sale is an opportunity to bring in people who may not have otherwise given your business a chance, don’t keep that chance hidden indoors!

The best signs to advertise sales events include:

  • Banners
  • Yard signs
  • Window signs

Adjust Your Brand Image

Are you looking to change your brand image? A new perception of your brand can really help it grow, but you need eye-catching outdoor signs to support that image change.

The best signs to adjust your brand image include:

Choose Captivating Signs and Grow Your Business

Work with Captivating Signs to boost your business’ growth. We offer outdoor lighted business signs, monument signs, and other exterior business sign options. Reach out today.

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