Guide to Efficient Poster Printing

It is an age-old question really. What is best to focus on? Quality or Quantity? In poster printing the same question is being debated by most as well.

Is it better to print posters with great quality to impress people? On the other hand, is it more practical to print a lot of lower quality posters to cover the most area and more people? Well the solution to this is not simple. When you print posters there are a lot of factors involved, including your goals, your preferences and of course your poster printing budget.

In this guide, we are going to give you a few key facts about quality posters versus quantity posters. Hopefully this should give you a nice and general idea of what you can do and how to make your decision.

* The up side of quality print posters – First, let us look at the good side of printing quality posters. With quality posters, your color designs should be very good. Expensive paper and color inks are usually used to get that professional and great looking finish that people are awed at. All of this translates into a better impression about the poster content.

Therefore, if you promote a movie or play for example, the more expensive looking the poster the more people will probably like it or at least want to watch it. People still judge by the eye today and you can really get a huge chunk of the market pie if you do print high quality color posters.

* The disadvantages of quality print posters – In printing lies the problem though in quality posters. Poster printing is not cheap. You will find that printing color posters with the best quality paper and impressive inks will run you a significant printing bill.

This means that in a fixed budget you will be able to print only smaller amounts of posters, when compared to cheaper poster printing. You will have to hope that you designs are good enough, and are high quality enough to get the results you want for the poster.

* The pros of printing large amounts of cheap posters – Now, for quantity. Printing a lot of posters means having the ability to cover a lot of areas. You usually will have enough pieces of poster to reach every public place that you need to, plus some of the odd locations if need be. In addition, with all those extra posters, you can post several posters at the same location several times to just hem in your message. Your posters might not look the best, but more or less people will get the message since they will find them everywhere.

* The cons of cheap poster? distribution – The drawback though when printing cheaply is that there is a risk of the company itself looking cheap. Some public business reputations can really take a hit if people who see the poster are not impressed with the message. They can accidentally relate cheapness with the movie, play or firm that it represents, and that is very bad to business indeed.

All in all, your solution should be about your needs. If you want to impress people, quality color posters are the best. If you want to get as many people as you need, then printing cheaper but more numerous posters should be the way to go. It all depends on you so just try to experiment.

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