How Backlit Lobby Signs Can Get You Noticed?

Are you an established business or a new player waiting to make their mark in Naperville, IL? Creating the right business perception is a key element to a thriving business. It is that which lets customers give you their trust and confidence. It is also how you can build loyal customer relationships.

Impressive signage can help create a positive perception for your business. And it starts right when customers walk through your doors. Welcome them with an impactful lobby or reception sign.

Lobby Signs for Success

Every successful business needs the right set of signs to enhance its space. As such, it is crucial to choose a sign that can elevate your lobby area.

There are a lot of options to choose from. However, backlit lobby signs are on top of the list when it comes to getting your customers’ attention.

These are typically made with laser-cut metal, acrylic panels, dimensional aluminum, or acrylic signs. LED lights are installed at the back, creating a warm glow around the signs.

It is an attractive option that businesses shouldn’t miss. Here’s how these can generate the attention you need.

Impressive visibility

Humans are naturally drawn to light. Whether indoors or outdoors, illuminated signs provide another level of visibility. When placed in your lobby area, these signs become more eye-catching.

When you add the glow that backlit signs make, your wall logo signs have an almost magnetic effect on passersby.

Backlit signs elevate your brand image

Making a great first impression is key to getting customers to trust your business. Those first few seconds when customers walk in are crucial to displaying a professional brand image.

Illuminated signs are not only an attractive feature inside your space. These also send customers a message about how you value attention to detail. A well-designed wall logo sign demonstrates how quality is important for your brand.

An effective introduction to your brand

Signs are how we communicate with our customers. As such, you want a sign that is hard to ignore. This is important, especially when you want customers to know who and what your business is.

The signs in your lobby are a perfect opportunity to introduce your brand. The more customers know you, the easier it is to gain their trust. And you want to do this with a sign that they are sure to look at.

Illuminated acrylic signs are the right eye-catching sign that gets customers more familiar with your brand.

Choosing the Best Lobby Signs for Your Business

Impress your customers and create the right image for your business today. Choose a lobby or reception sign that reflects your brand and your business.

For high-quality sign solutions, businesses in Naperville, IL, trust Captivating Signs. We are an experienced sign maker, delivering products that make you stand out.

Our signs are not only functional; they are designed to represent your brand and elevate your business! Learn more about our products by calling us today and getting a free quote.

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