How Custom Lobby Signs Can Impact Your Business

Lobby signs can bring any business to life by displaying the brand’s name and logo. They are one of the first things that clients and visitors see when they enter the premises. Companies like Captivating Signs in Naperville provide high-quality signage to businesses in the area.

Although they may seem like an insignificant part of a brand’s marketing strategy, lobby signs contribute to people’s first impressions of the associated business. If the sign looks professional and creative, it’s likely to leave a lasting impression on those who see it.

There are several variations of signage available, all of which are highly versatile and completely customizable. The most popular appears to be acrylic lobby signs. Generally, acrylic options are available in frosted-etched glass and can be colored or clear.

There is also an option for metal signage that comes in multiple alternatives, including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Whichever material is chosen, signage offers an amazing visual representation of a company.

They Increase Professionalism

Having a professional sign helps companies to build authority and credibility. When visitors enter a lobby and see a high-quality sign, they are more likely to trust the business behind it. Signage also helps to break up the bare walls of an entrance hall, providing a welcoming greeting to those who enter the building.

The professionalism of a business affects its reputation. Good, high-quality lobby signs can therefore contribute to the overall appearance of the brand.

They Make a Statement

Signs act as a subliminal form of marketing. People subconsciously take in the brand’s name and logo as they walk past it. When a sign uses the company’s logo and is consistent with their branding, it reinforces who they are and what they do to everybody who walks through the door.

A brand appears confident in themselves when they have a bright and bold sign in their lobby. A sign that shows their logo and states their brand values. Every business has a backstory, and choosing to display acrylic lobby signs is a great way to share your story with visitors.

They Can Display Awards

Businesses proud of the awards they have previously won might choose to display them using lobby signage. Signs can showcase the brand’s achievements, reinforcing its credibility and trustworthiness to any visitors. This can also motivate employees by reminding them that they’re part of a larger team and that they have contributed to these achievements.

They Distinguish a Business from Competitors

An effective lobby sign can detail the products and services that a company has to offer. It can represent the brand’s story and remind visitors why the business is unique. This is especially true when the signage is fully customized and contains the brand’s logo.

Investing in the right signs for a business lobby or office can help the company reach its goals. They boost employee morale and leave a positive lasting impression on customers and employees. For customized lobby signs, contact Captivating Signs to see how they can create professional signage to enhance any company’s marketing strategy and increase brand awareness.

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