How Modern Monument Signs Can Engage Potential Customers?

Traditionally, monument signs are these concrete structures made with bricks, wood, masonry, or something similar. Their purpose is to be sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Hence, known as “monument signs.”

Usually, they’re used to bring attention to businesses and buildings that are a bit out of sight for the usual passersby or drivers. Churches, malls, schools, or even hospitals use these to mark their locations or to direct people in their way. Most of the time, these have been used as sophisticated ways to advertise a business’s existence. Nowadays, there are modern monument signs that are taking over the world. How?

Multi-Purpose Electronic Monument Signs

When you think about modern monument signs, the most prominent type that comes to your mind is electronic monument signs. How do you think these can be used to engage your potential customers? They serve multiple purposes. How? Since they’re electronic, the cost to change them around in terms of design is minimal. You can choose to advertise special holiday deals, or just your logo and an arrow pointing in your building’s direction – entirely up to you.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

You have seen these around outside every single mall in your area. As the name suggests, these are host to several businesses in the exact location or are located inside the same mall. You can purchase a spot on this multi-tenant modern monument sign and use that to advertise your company or brand.

Now, the question is, what are these made from? They’re usually made up of panels that can be divided into sections – making it easy for “tenants” or businesses to have complete control over their area. You can pick an illuminated or non-illuminated option. Aluminum is the most commonly used material for the frame of these signs. The panels are then constructed with acrylic sheets, polycarbonate, or even aluminum. If you opt for illuminated signs, the material used can be made up of translucent materials and/or vinyl graphics on top of it.

LED Monument Signs

These are instant audience pleasers. Due to their illumination, they grab instant attention. So, make sure to use attractive colors that represent your branding clearly, and you’re good to go.

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