How Monument Signs Solidify Your Overall Outdoor Advertising

Monument signs are stable, large, and impressive signs that sit near the road on the edge of a property. You may be most familiar with them as church signs, school signs, or apartment building signs. Unlike channel letter signs, they aren’t attached to the building – but they can be just as powerful to boost your overall outdoor advertising.

Monument signs are sophisticated and very prominent outdoor business signs. They can be made of sturdy, beautiful materials that boost public perception of your brand. Plus, monument signs have room for a lot of text. You can send out a message that’s a few sentences long. Or, if you’re advertising for multiple stores, you can include all their brand names on a monument sign. There’s no need to compromise.

Monument Signs Naperville, IL

Don’t invest in just any monument sign. A thoughtfully designed sign can be an even better asset to your company. Here are some tips you should consider creating a monument sign that will enhance your outdoor advertising efforts even more.

Consider Material

You have many material options when it comes to monument signs. It’s wise to take some time to consider which material best represents your brand and matches the exterior of your building (if the building will be visible where the sign is installed). At Captivating Signs, we offer material options in these three general categories: metal, brick and stone. We can help you find the right color and texture to work with your business’ brand image.

Is Digital Right For You?

Will you be frequently changing the message on your sign? Then a digital sign may be more convenient, and more powerful for you. They’re lighted, and thus visible at night. Plus, you don’t need to worry about keeping track of physical letters to convey your message. Changing up a digital sign is simple.

Work With The Landscaping

Your monument sign isn’t the only thing on the edge of your property. Place your sign strategically next to a flower bed, or in front of shrubs to make it stand out more. If you’d like, you can even coordinate the colors in your sign to match any perennial plants you have. Just don’t put any plants in the bed that may grow tall enough to obstruct the sign.

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