How Storefront Signs Catalyze Impulse Buying

What do you need to do in order to increase impulse buys? Get more customers to “impulse stop” and enter your store. Then you need the customer to consider the product you want them to buy, of course. And, custom storefront signs are a great way to initiate the impulse stop. That’s why they are one of the key custom business signs that every brand with a storefront relies on. Discover how you can create more impulse buying with the right storefront signs below.

Capture More Traffic

Everyday, your potential customers drive or walk by your storefront. How do you encourage them to step inside? You need a storefront sign that captures their attention and brings your brand to mind. Effective outdoor signs remind customers of what they love about your services or products, which encourages them to step in.

Storefront Sign Options

There are many different storefront sign types you can choose from. The two most important things to consider when choosing between them is which type could best embody your brand and which will best catch the attention of your customers?

For example, a discerning customer that wants a local, but high-end experience may be drawn to an awning sign. A customer who is in a rush and driving by may be best drawn in with a channel letter sign. Ultimately, you’ll need to review your brand and your customer with a sign expert to make the best decision for your company.

Support with Indoor Signs

Once your customer steps into your building, they can’t see the outdoor signs anymore. This might sound simple, but it’s key to remember. Your customer has moved onto another part of the sales funnel, and needs interior signs to prompt them to make an impulse buy.

The custom business sign types that can best support impulse buys draw attention to very specific products, especially ones that are part of promotions. These sign types include banners, promotional signs, and other smaller, more temporary signs types.

Chose Captivating Signs

Captivating Signs can help you meet your sales goals and boost your impulse buying with storefront signs or supporting indoor signs. We know how to design signs that embody your brand, impress your customers, and support your business goals. Talk to us about a sign consultation for a new custom storefront sign today.

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