How to Choose the Perfect Door Sign for Your Business

Your front door greets your customers, but if you add the right door sign it can do so much more. Many businesses use their front doors as a branding opportunity or as an opportunity to communicate their hours or other critical information. Plus, just as people judge houses by their curb appeal, people will judge your business by its front door. It can benefit you to make it as appealing and on-message as possible. That all starts with choosing the right door sign.

There are three key questions you should ask yourself to narrow down your options and find the perfect door sign for your business in Naperville.

What Should the Sign Communicate?

Of course, your door sign should communicate with your brand. However, your brand message isn’t the only thing that a door sign might need to say. For example, many boutiques choose to include their store hours on their door, so that customers who arrive in their off-hours know when they can come back.

If you want to include more complicated information, such as specials, the staff members at your office, or the services you provide, you might consider changeable office door signs. These allow you to adjust your message if any of the information you want on your door changes. They are also useful options for internal office door signs.

Does Privacy or Exclusivity Benefit You?

Often our front doors are made partly or entirely of glass. Vinyl signs are a great option for glass doors. Not only can they add any text or graphic you like, but you can also use vinyl signs to add a frosted effect to the glass. Office door signs are beneficial for businesses that want to give their clients some privacy, such as law offices or gyms. It is also beneficial to create a sense of exclusivity, which is ideal for clubs and membership-based businesses.

Would a Lit Sign Benefit You?

If you have a storefront, you may want a lit door sign that helps you attract attention. Often, businesses choose open signs that are lit to help customers see that they are open further away. However, you might have a lit sign that communicates many messages, even just your brand name. You’ll find examples of these signs throughout Naperville.

Talk to Captivating Signs to Explore Your Options

At Captivating Signs, we can help you choose the best sign for your front door or office door. We do everything from changeable office door signs to vinyl door signs so that you have the options you need to communicate your message and greet your customers. Talk to us today.

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