How to Design a Perfect Lobby Sign

You may have heard from other business owners and managers about the kind of mistakes that can happen when you get a new custom lobby sign. We’ve heard from clients whose previous lobby sign didn’t fit where it was supposed to, had ugly looking cords hanging from it, or didn’t quite match the brand colors.

Even if the sign company is happy to remake your office lobby sign, they just wasted your time and effort. That’s why we put in the extra work at Captivating Signs to get your custom lobby sign right the first time. If you want to make sure your lobby sign ends up how you’re imagining, we suggest you use these tips and tricks.

Plan and Measure

You’ll probably want to consult with your sign designers before you choose the sign’s location. There may be reasons a sign can’t be mounted where you like—or the designer may have an idea about sign placement that makes the lobby look even better. Afterward, you’ll want to make you have the measurements for the sign just right. If the sign company is doing the measuring, make sure they measure twice.

Choose the Right Materials and Test Color

It’s unfortunate if you end up with an office lobby sign that doesn’t reflect your brand colors, logo, or font exactly. After all, branding that seems a bit off can be disconcerting to your customers, or just dilute the strength of your brand messaging.

If you’ve chosen an experienced sign company, they should be able to avoid embarrassing mistakes like producing the wrong color. First, they’ll help you choose just the right material. If they use acrylic or other plastic, they will test it against your branding to be sure it’s accurate.

You’ll get a great lobby sign if you work with a sign company that cares about getting the details right, as we do at Captivating Signs.

Lighting Options

Lobby signs don’t have to be lit, but we find that backlit lobby signs make a much bigger impact than those without lights. The thing is, if you choose a lit lobby sign, you need to have a way to hide the power cords. Ask your sign company what their plan is to hide the cords before they start mounting the sign.

Your New Lobby Sign Awaits

In search of the perfect backlit lobby sign? We can help you get the right sign, without all the hassle. Schedule a sign consultation with Captivating Signs today.

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