How to Identify Your Business’ Need for Architectural Signs

Architectural signage makes your property look more appealing, paying dividends in brand perception and customer impressions. “Architectural signs and symbols” may be an uncommon term to you, but the signs are common. They include any sign that can contribute to the architecture of your building. How do you know if you need one, or more, of these signs to fill a gap? Here’s our guide to assessing your needs.

How to Know if Architectural Signs Are Right For You

You probably have one or two architectural signs already, but you probably don’t know every architectural sign. They include signs that are mounted directly to your building, such as:

There are also architectural signs that sit away from your building, such as:

Several of these signs can be combined to make a different architectural statement.

See Gaps in Your Building

Empty space on your building and around your building are opportunities to reinforce your brand and make a new architectural impression. Here are things to consider when planning to fill gaps:

  • Is your branding visible: Consider if your branding can be seen from every angle when approaching the building. Gaps should be filled to maximize impact.
  • Is your entrance far: If you have a big property and a long driveway, you need to bring your branding to the edge of the road with an architectural sign or symbol.
  • Is the building balanced: This may take more of a designer’s eye, but consider whether or not your building feels lopsided or balanced. Our designers can help you see how to visually rebalance your property signage and make it look better.

Assess Current Architecture

How are your signs looking right now? Damaged or dated signs should be replaced to restore your property’s outward façade. Otherwise, they detract from customer’s perception of your brand as well as their perception of your building. We can also repair signs, but it is often better to get a fresh sign that can make a better impression on your customers.

Create Custom Signs with Captivating Signs

At Captivating Signs, we have the design chops to consider how your outdoor custom signs will affect your building’s architecture. If you want to make an impressive statement, you should work with us. Reach out today to get started.

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