How Vinyl Banners Strengthen Your Outdoor Advertising

Any new sign will help draw attention to your outdoor advertising efforts, right? It’s true that novelty is attractive to people and adding a new sign can help your storefront stand out once more. But which sign? We think that vinyl banners are a smart option for outdoor use in Chicago & Naperville, IL. Here is how they can boost your outdoor advertising, in ways that other signs may not be able to achieve.

1. Weather-Resistance

Vinyl is a weather-resistant material, that doesn’t run in the rain and can withstand snow and wind. That makes vinyl banners a great choice for outdoor use, although they will eventually fade in the sun over a long period of time. If you buy a seasonal banner, you can expect to us it this season and next season. But if you need a permanent sign, there are better options than banners.

2. Size and Cost

For their size, banners are a very cost-effective sign, which means that they leave you more budget for the rest of your outdoor advertising efforts. Plus, their big size helps them be seen by people who are far away, even those who are driving by your property, which means that they have better reach and create more impressions.

3. The Power of Movement

Things that move or change catch the eye faster than things that are stable. That’s the idea behind blinking lights and flag signs that move in the wind. Vinyl banners can also move in the wind, which helps your sign get noticed faster. Just tie down the top two sides of the sign, and leave the bottom hanging freely, to allow the banner to catch the wind.

4. Custom Banners

Unlike some other signs, your design options for a banner are endless. Any image, font, or color you can imagine can be printed onto your banner. Plus, because they are so inexpensive, people feel more comfortable taking design risks with banner printing. Often, those signs that are the most out of left field get the most attention. Working with a creative sign designer can help you get a custom banner design that will really stand out from the crowd.

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