Infuse Creativity Within Your Premises with Wall Murals

Wall murals are one of the most flexible and free signs that you can choose for your business. A great wall mural can infuse your property with creativity, character, and just the right environment. Any business in Chicago & Naperville with a wall, whether it’s an office, retail location, or government building, can make great use of mural wallpapers if you have the right design. Here are some creative ways to use wall murals.

Outdoor Scenes

Setting the scene for your business might mean creating a beautiful outdoor scene to inspire and excite. For example, a restaurant might choose to display the countryside of the nation that inspired their cuisine. Sports and camping stores might want to depict a quiet lake or an exciting hiking trail to remind customers of what they’ll experience when they purchase the products.

Your Products or Services

Speaking of products, you can include your products or an example of your services in your wall mural design. This can take many forms. For example, libraries may have wall mural decals of books on the walls, car shops may have classic vehicles on the walls, or an ice cream shop might have favorite flavors listed on the wall.

Your mural design doesn’t have to be directly promotional of the specific thing you sell. For example, if you sell fireplaces, then your wall mural can depict a family enjoying the fireplace. The focus should be on the family and the feeling the fireplace evokes, not just the fireplace and its features.

Empowering, Motivational Murals

Some businesses sell ideas and not things. What can they put on their mural wallpapers? We suggest they put up empowering, motivational messages and images that can help customers make the connection between your business and creativity. Or, these empowering messages are great for offices, to inspire employees and create a more productive environment.

Charity Murals

Does your business support a charity or do an annual charity drive? Use a wall mural to let your customers know about your charity work, or to keep track of how much money, canned good, or gifts you have collected this year.

Contact Captivating Signs to Start Designing Your Wall Mural

There are many more creative ways to use wall murals to better your business, your employees, and the world. At Captivating Signs we design and manufacture wall mural decals and murals for full walls in Chicago & Naperville, IL. Work with us to get the walls you want.

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