Is Your Business Equipped With These Outdoor Business Signs?

We all know that when it comes to providing any kind of solution in the business world — whether it’s a professional service like accounting, helping consumers buy the right smartphone, manufacturing jet engines, and the list goes on — having the right equipment is not just important, but it is the difference between success and failure.

Yet with this being said, many businesses — from small firms to large enterprises — are not equipping themselves with a strategic mix of outdoor business signs, and consequently, they are losing ground to the competition. According to a study by FedEx Office in partnership with Ketchum Global Research and Analytics:

76% of customers entered business for the first time entirely because they were impressed by its outdoor business signs.

  • 75% customers recommended a business entirely because they were impressed that business’s outdoor business signs.
  • 68% of customers think that outdoor business signs are an indication of a business’s trustworthiness and quality.
  • 60% of customers think that a lack of outdoor business signs or unimpressive outdoor business signs is enough to keep them from entering a business.

If your business’s mix of outdoor business signs needs to be improved — or perhaps re-invented — then the good news is that there are many proven and affordable options available. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • A monument sign that blends seamlessly with your external architecture and aesthetics. A monument sign is also ideal if you must comply with sign height or design restrictions.
  • Directional signs that point human and vehicle traffic in the right direction. One of the most popular types of directional signs are post and panel signs (see picture at right).
  • Lighted and LED signs that capture attention 24/7/365, and can be customized to fit any space. Lighted and LED signs are also energy-efficient and demonstrate your business’s commitment to being part of the environmental solution.
  • Cabinet signs, that stylishly display your logo in a compact footprint, and can be illuminated in a variety of attention-getting ways.
  • Canopy and awning signs, which are durable, weatherproof and colorfully display your business name and/or logo, along with your customized messaging such as your tagline, phone number, website, and anything else
  • Banners, flag signs, A-frame signs, yard signs, and many other portable and affordable outdoor promotional signage options.

 High-Quality, Custom Outdoor Business Signs From Captivating Signs

To learn more about equipping your business with outdoor business signs that help you generate more brand visibility, customer, sales, and profits, contact the team at Captivating Signs today to arrange a complimentary signage consultation.

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