Key Kinds of Signage for Commercial Spaces

Running a business is not an easy task. As a business owner, you need to ensure your audience notices you. Apart from printing business cards, you need to consider installing commercial signs around your area.

Why? Commercial signs are the first thing your customers see when they arrive at your premises or walk into your lobby. With several custom business signs available, which one is best suited for commercial spaces? We explore 3 of them below.

Types of Commercial Signs for Your Business

1. Monument Signs

Monument signs are outdoor business signs displayed at the entrance of a business. They are mounted to the ground, showing bold messages to anyone walking or driving past. Their primary purpose is to showcase relevant content to anyone at eye level who might notice the sign and read it quickly.

Monument signs help elevate the curb appeal of any business by blending with the landscape and outdoor décor while still making your brand stand out. These signs are totally customizable. You can decide the decorative base, shape, and size of your business’ monument signs.

2. Pylon Signs

Another custom business sign you should consider for your commercial space is a pylon sign. They are sometimes called “lightbox signs,” but only some pylon signs actually feature a lightbox, so this term isn’t totally accurate. Pylon signs are typically mounted up to 12 feet high to direct customers to your business from far away, often from right off the highway.

Pylon signs often use energy-efficient LEDs for extra illumination at night. Anyone will spot these signs at night and read their content easily.

You can choose a single or double-sided pylon sign for your business, depending on which direction you need to get people’s attention from.

3. Window Graphics

These commercial decals feature graphics and lettering applied to your window space. They can be specially designed to complement your outdoor signage and boost the overall appeal of your business.

Window graphics can also keep your commercial space cooler during the summertime if you choose something large enough that blocks light. You can customize your window graphics to feature your business logo, products, services, inspirational quotes, and more.

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