Channel Customers Toward You, With Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are among the most effective letters for signs outdoors and indoors! These letters consist of individual, custom-cut characters. Channel letter signs can be designed, shaped and wired for almost any effect. 

Illuminated channel letters (as in the above image) are particularly striking and can be seen from great distances. One popular form of illuminated lettering is LED channel letters, which offer high energy efficiency and a long lifespan. 

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Many businesses and institutions rely on these outdoor letters, including:

Retail stores

Professional services firms

Restaurants and pubs

Public parks and gathering places

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and healthcare centers

What Do Channel Letters Look Like?

LED Channel Letters

Illuminated Channel Letters

Outdoor Letters

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Your channel letter signs price can be lower than you expect. For channel letter signs that truly stand out from the crowd, contact us.  We offer a complimentary consultation! 

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