Lead Your Customers in the Right Direction with Directional Signs

You’re used to navigating your property, but new customers aren’t. When people get lost or frequently ask for directions, you know that using some wayfinding signs can help make them more comfortable in your space, and save your staff some time, which they could spend on other tasks. However, all too frequently, businesses that install new custom directional signs find that they are not clear to people. How do you make sure that your new signs will lead customers in the right direction? Here are a few tips.

Think About Perspective

Sometimes, a problem with your signs simply comes down to the fact that customers can’t see them when they need to. Imagine you have signs to direct people to the elevators, positioned just around the corner from the elevators. Those signs only help people when they get close. You need to add signs to direct people to the elevators from the moment they walk in the door. 

Walk Through with Your Sign Designer

One great way to get a handle on where your wayfinding signs are needed is to do a walk-through with someone who is new to the building. Your sign designer is a great choice for this because they will also have the wisdom to offer about your sign plan as they move through the building.

As you do the tour, think about how new guests will find your major amenities like bathrooms, safety features such as exit doors and for very specific spaces, such as individual offices.

Height and Contrast

Another spot where some businesses have trouble with their signs is the placement or design of the signs. In Chicago and Naperville, directional signs need to be the right height not only so that they can be read easily, but also to adhere to ADA sign rules.

However, even a sign at the right height will be difficult for guests to notice if they are not high contrast. If the colors on the sign are too similar, they will blend in with the background, or be challenging to read.

Ask Captivating Signs for Help

Your customer’s experience in your building is paramount in determining how they feel about your brand. So, it’s important to work with the experts to get signs that will contribute to your customer’s positive experience. At Captivating Signs, we have the experience to design custom signs that will do just that. Reach out to us today for custom directional signs in Naperville & Chicago, IL.

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