LED Signs Are Changing The Way Signage Works

LED signs have been around for a while now, but sign manufacturers continue to innovate with them. Now we have digital signs backlit with LEDS to create dynamic, interactive sign displays. How else have LED signs changed the way we promote our brands and communicate our messages? Let’s discuss these changes and how you can benefit.

LED Signs Naperville IL

  1. Energy-Efficiency

Strides have been made to create LED signs that are even more energy-efficient and low maintenance than before. The result is that businesses don’t have to spend so much money and time keeping their signs lit and in good condition. This can make a larger back-lit LED sign more affordable for you.

  1. Digital Signage

Also called programmable LED message centers, digital signs can display a message as detailed as what you might see on a tablet. These signs are dynamic, simple to change, and much larger. Plus, they can be made weatherproof, so they are a great option for your outdoor lighted business signs.

  1. Larger Signs

LED signs are also lighter than traditional incandescent signs. This reduced weight makes larger signs more viable and easier to mount. Pylon signs, fascia signs, and other outdoor lighted business signs all benefit from this reduced weight. You benefit from a larger sign that’s easier for potential clients to see from the road, or from even further away. This builds your brand awareness.

  1. The Future of Signage

Digital signage is also opening new doors for sign possibilities. The largest brands are using LED signs to create more interactive, targeted signs. For example, Coca-Cola used digital signs to display a person’s name as they walked by. The customer tweets their name with a hashtag, then the sign generates a personalized story about that name and tweets it back.

Or, consider LAX’s take on digital signage. The Los Angeles airport uses back-lit LED signs to display thematic images for each flight’s destination. The designers said they wanted to put some of the romance back in travel.

These are only two examples of how quick updates to digital signage can help meet your business goals, with unique, personalized environments and messages.

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