Lighted Building Signs Attract Attention Day & Night

On today’s relentlessly competitive business landscape, generating attention and creating “top of mind” brand awareness is not a 9-5 thing: it’s a 24/7/365 requirement. That’s where lighted building signs enter the picture and make a major difference between being remembered or forgotten.

Generally, there are three methods of illuminating building signs: external illumination, internal illumination, and illuminated elements:

  • External Illumination

External illumination is when a light source is mounted outside of the sign and positioned so that it shines on the sign’s face (i.e. on the monument sign, banner, channel letters, etc.). This is a popular choice for businesses that do not require a highly conspicuous signage presence at night, but still want to have their name/brand visible 24/7. For example, businesses in the B2B space that do not typically serve customers or meet with visitors/guests after 5pm often choose building signs with external illumination.

  • Internal Illumination

Internal illumination is when a light source shines through the face of the sign, which can be freestanding (such as monument signs), or mounted on a pole, or embedded in a cabinet that is then installed on a storefront wall. These types of signs are popular among car dealerships, restaurants, and other retailers. They are also preferred by many commercial real estate landlords and property managers because the sign face can be easily and cost-effectively replaced when tenants move out/move in.

  • Illuminated Elements

Modern signs with illuminated elements typically derive their light source from bright and long-lasting LED lighting. When integrated with channel letters, these types of signs look extremely stylish and professional. Also, signs can be designed so that the illumination is cast behind the letters and onto a reflective surface, which adds a touch of elegance and class (these are called backlit, reverse lit, or halo lit signs).

Custom Lighted Building Signs

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