Make An Impact With Vinyl Signs

Vinyl is a smart, beautiful, and durable plastic material that can make signage more cost-effective for businesses. It’s easy to print, holds ink well, and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, without even taking up much room. How can you take advantage of vinyl signs? There are three unique vinyl sign types you need to know about, including wall murals, vinyl banners, and vinyl door signs.

vinyl signs and banners

Wall murals

Wait, aren’t these beautiful indoor graphics painted onto the walls? Nope. That’s the magic of vinyl. You can have the custom, richly colored murals for a fraction of the cost of actually painted murals. Plus, vinyl wall murals can be removed from the all without damaging the paint beneath, or leaving any mark, even if the wall is white. You can put up seasonal wall murals, change your wall mural when you re-brand your business, or adjust your mural for any other reason.

Vinyl banners

Vinyl isn’t just for indoor use. Vinyl banners are durable and tough, unbothered by sunshine or rain. As such, they are ideal for use outdoors, to broadcast your company’s message to anyone who is passing by. Further, vinyl banners give you a great return on investment. If you create them for seasonal promotions, you can store them and pull them out again when the season is back.

Vinyl door signs

Keeping your office space personable and comfortable from a customer’s point of view is a challenge. You want to keep them comfortable, so they keep coming back. One way to make your business more approachable and comfortable is to use door signs to direct customers and let them know when they’ve found the right room. Vinyl door signs fulfill this practical need with ‘pizzazz’.

Vinyl signs from Captivating Signs

Vinyl signs are durable and multi-purpose, but the quality of vinyl and the design is critical. Even a well-designed sign requires quality. At Captivating Signs, we use only top quality vinyl, and our designs make the most of this unique material. So contact us for your vinyl signs. From wall murals, vinyl banners, vinyl door signs and any other type of vinyl sign, we can custom design, create, and install the best signage for your needs.

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