Make Your Truck the Center of Attention with Truck Decals

Don’t be like any other vehicle on the road. You can use custom truck decals to turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement that helps spread your brand message and convert customers. Truck decals are smaller than full vehicle wraps, and you can even place them in your windows (not in a way that obstructs the driver’s vision, of course). How can you best use these unique signs to make your business the center of attention?

Browse our truck wrap gallery to get some ideas of the truck decals we’ve made in Naperville. Or, join us as we point out some of the specific decals we’ve made that work well.

Use Your Logo

Typically, businesses put a lot of resources into creating their logo. It’s a quick but complete representation of your business and a great option for your truck window decal. We suggest making your decal large enough to be seen easily by pedestrians that you drive by to maximize your impact. Especially if your logo has small details, the size will help give people enough time to read it. We’ve used logos to great effect for many of our customers.

Arrows and Lines

Trucks are always on the move, and the best designs for truck decals take advantage of that to suggest movement and make the truck more eye-catching. Arrows are a great option to make your design stand out and emphasize movement. Arrows aren’t right for every brand, though. You could use horizontal lines on the body of the truck to create the same effect. We’ve used arrows and lines suggesting movement on many of our vehicle decals, including for Young & Free Texas, All Risk, PRS, and more.


Custom truck decals can also feature cute or interesting characters that give a face to your brand and help engage a wide audience of onlookers. If your brand already has a character or mascot, this is an excellent option. However, even if you don’t, we can create a character for you. Characters are featured on our truck decals for Wyattworks Plumbing, Doo Care, Yamato Transport, and more.

Choose Captivating Signs for Your Truck Decal

Are you not seeing something that will work for your brand? It sounds like you need to brainstorm your options with a sign design specialist in Naperville. Reach out to us at Captivating Signs to talk about your truck window decal ideas and narrow your focus to a design that will make your truck the center of attention.

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