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Metal Signs

Metal is a great sign material for a wide range of purposes. It’s strong, shiny, and can be treated for use as an outdoor sign material. No matter what kind of sign you’re interested in, using metal will make it seem more professional, high-end, and sturdy, all great qualities to associate with your brand. If you’re based in Naperville or Chicago, custom cut metal signs don’t have to be expensive either. Depending on the metal and your sign type, we can provide you with a very affordable sign that still looks great. Here’s what you need to know about these signs.

What Metals Can You Choose for a Custom Metal Sign?Business With Metal Signs

There are many metals, colors and finishes available for your business metal sign. Here are a few of your options:

  • Aluminum: Custom aluminum metal signs are among the most popular option because they balance beauty with durability and low cost. Aluminum is a relatively inexpensive metal, that is great for outdoor signs because it can’t rust.
    • Dibond: This is a popular sign material made of aluminum, that comes in sheets which we can cut out and even shape in 3 dimensions.
    • Alumilite: Another aluminum option, signs made of this material have two thin sheets of aluminum, making them more flexible and lightweight.
  • Stainless steel: Stronger and more expensive than aluminum, steel is a great option when you want your sign to look like a cut above the rest. It’s ideal for signs that are focal points, or closely connected to your brand.
  • Copper: A high end material with great looks, copper is wonderful for indoor signs. If you need an outdoor sign, consider bronze.
  • Bronze: This material conveys tradition, authority, and wealth. While not as strong as steel, it is an excellent option for businesses that have long histories and want to appear stable and reliable with a custom vintage metal sign.
  • Brass: With a similar finish to bronze, but more affordable and less strong. This is a good option for brands that want the unique feel of bronze for their decorative metal sign without the price tag.

What Sign Types Work Well with Metal?

You can get many of our best-selling sign types in metal, including:

Invest in Quality Signs from Captivating Signs Today

When you choose a metal sign, you don’t need to compromise on durability or price. We can create any look you need with this material, including custom cut vintage metal signs, and much more. If you’re in Naperville and Chicago, reach out to us today.