Outdoor Signs: A Variety of Options to Get Eyeballs Turned to Your Business

How do you get more people interested in your business? Start outside, where people are walking or driving by, ready to be drawn to your doors. Custom outdoor business signs help you drive business and make impressions. At Captivating Signs, we offer a wide variety of outdoor business signs. Each can help you cultivate a presence for your business and attract attention. Here are some of your options:

Business Store Front Signs

Every business that has a physical location needs a fascia sign, or a sign that goes on the front of your business, to announce you’re there. Just because it’s necessary, doesn’t mean this sign should be boring. Putting energy into your business store front sign will pay dividends down the road.

Most notably, exterior signs can be lighted. Outdoor lighted business signs are the best choice for those who have their doors open in the evening. Otherwise, people may not be able to locate your business.

Vinyl Banners

Banners made of vinyl are weather-resistant and perfect as exterior signs. Banners help draw extra attention to your storefront. You’ll often see them used during grand openings or major sale events. You can print any image, color, and lettering on them that you wish.

Awning and Canopy Signs

There’s something about fabric canopy and awning signs that brings to mind boutique shops, classic downtown gatherings spots, and other warm, classy businesses. Our canopy signs are durable and will welcome visitors into your building for years.

Monument Signs

These exterior signs are meant to be placed at the roadside, to send a message to passersby and remind them that they’re very near your business. Churches, schools, and government agencies make great use of these signs to send out helpful messages to the public.

Talk To The Experts About Your Exterior Sign Options

Need guidance in choosing the right outdoor business signs? Not sure if you should invest in an outdoor lighted business sign or a monument sign?  Dreaming up something a little unusual? We’re here to help you get the exact sign you’re looking for. Reach out to us at Captivating Signs.

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