Promote your products and increase sales with Sandwich Board Signs

If you’ve ever walked around a quaint downtown or a festival space looking for a place to eat, whether or not it was in Naperville, you might have noticed that several places used sandwich board signs. These short signs are placed near the entrances to restaurants and other businesses to promote their product offerings and generate sales.

While we call them sandwich boards, they are not just for food. Although, the name does suggest how you can use these signs best. Advertise relatively inexpensive options that are easily paired with other sale items. Promote your hot selling items on an A-frame to draw the attention of customers and impress them with your customer service to make them long term customers.

How Do Sandwich Boards Promote Sales?

A-frame signs capture people’s attention as they walk down the street. Unlike your window signs or other storefront signs, A-frames face pedestrians. They can be seen from further away than several other types of signs, so would-be customers will naturally read them as they approach. Even if the person was not thinking of stopping by your store, they may begin to be appetized or exciting by your offerings. From there, it’s simple to step into your store.

Sandwich Boards Aren’t Just for Restaurants

Other businesses can make great use of A-frame sandwich boards to generate impulse purchases, including:

  • Artisan shops
  • Gift shops
  • Clothing stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Coffee shops
  • Sports goods stores
  • Fitness centers
  • Clubs and charities
  • Many more

Any business that will see foot traffic can benefit from an A-frame business sign. The value of those face-to-face interactions cannot be underestimated!

How to Make a More Appealing A-Frame Sign

A-frames are a great opportunity to advertise your best seasonal promotions. Choose low-priced items to help drive impulse buys. Showcase your brand’s character and personality on the board to make a bigger impression. Use colorful graphics, especially those that are seasonally themed, to help the sign catch attention. Work with an experienced designer to learn how to make your A-frame the most appealing to your target customer.

Choose Captivating Signs for Your A-Frame Signs

We can create custom A-frame sandwich boards for your business and help personalize it to fit your specific business goals, whether it’s increasing impulse purchases, increasing foot traffic and getting you valuable face time with your customers, or creating a new brand presence. Contact us today to get started.

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