Property Managers: Here’s Why You Need A Monument Sign

As a property manager, you already know why you need custom signs for the inside of your building. But you shouldn’t neglect the rest of your property either. Getting outdoor business signs should also be one of your priorities because of the three main benefits.

It makes it easy to find your building

If your building is in the middle of a large lot, doesn’t face the road, or has a long private driveway, a sign above the door just isn’t enough. For people to see and recognize your business, you need to have a sign that’s closer to drivers and pedestrians.

A monument sign can be placed anywhere, which makes it great for visibility. You can choose exactly where the monument sign will be and what direction it will face for maximum effectiveness.

It will also help with your building’s visibility. When several buildings are clustered close together, the fronts can all blend together and become hard to distinguish, especially when driving by. Outdoor business signs aren’t as common, so they stand out. You can also angle a monument sign so that an oncoming driver will have it in view for much longer than a street-facing office sign, giving them more time to read it.

It adds prestige to your building

Whether you manage a condo or a business, the image your building projects is important. A monument sign shows potential customers or residents that they’ve made it – literally. By adding a sense of luxury and refinement, a monument sign improves your standing.

It is long-lasting & cost-effective

The best part is that a monument sign doesn’t have to be expensive! Outdoor business signs are built to be tough, which means maintenance is easy. Your monument sign can last for years in all weather conditions, so the average cost-per-year is much lower than the initial cost.

Cleaning is easy, as most outdoor business signs can be kept sparkling with a pressure washer. They’re made of strong materials like aluminum that won’t be damaged even by high pressures, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time or money in maintenance.

Get custom monument signs & outdoor business signs from Captivating Signs

You can get an ‘ok’ monument sign from another sign company – but for a truly great sign that will impress your visitors, talk to the experts Captivating Signs. We’ll work with you to create the custom outdoor business signs you need to make a positive impression and increase visibility. Contact us today to learn more about our signage services and book your complimentary consultation.

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