Raceway Channel Letters by Captivating Signs Naperville IL

Raceway Channel Letters are mounted on a 7″ x 7″ aluminum channel box known as araceway. This type of signage is eye catching and very easy to read from a distance. The Raceway Mounted Channel Letters contains all electrical components including wiring and transformers needed for the sign to work. The raceway itself is attached to your wall with lag bolts, through bolts or toggle bolts, depending on your type of wall.

All of the Raceway Channel Letter Signs in this category carry a U.L. label and disconnect switch, required by most building codes around the country. We’ll also paint the mounting system to match your wall color, which helps blend in the mounting with your wall. Just give us your wall color and we’ll do the rest.

Always check with your building landlord and proper zoning officials for approval before choosing Raceway Mounted Channel Letters versus an individually (remote or flush) mounted set of letters. Costs for purchasing LED Raceway Channel Letters are going to be higher than separate letters. All of the electrical components including transformers are pre-wired inside the rectangular aluminum box/raceway that sets behind the attached letters. On the plus side, a Raceway Mounted set of letters is much easier and cost efficient to install. All that is needed to mount to the wall is the Raceway itself with one set of wiring to be connected to the main circuit.

On the contrary, the same size separate individual lettering will cost less to purchase, the steps for proper installation can take much longer to complete. Each letter has to be individually mounted on the wall and each letter has to be wired in a series connection.

Individually Mounted Channel Letters (sometimes called Remote Channel Letters) are lighted letters that attach directly to your building surface. Electrical components, including wiring and transformers, are attached to each Flush Mounted Channel Letter and are pulled together for proper wiring. call us for more information on the raceway channel letters.

Your sign symbolizes your philosophy and style. Captivating Signs is the industry leader in helping businesses communicate their message. Call us today and we’ll create a sign that will win hearts, minds and souls of your customers, and will serve as a landmark for years to come.

If you are interested in having a raceway channel letter sign installed please contact us.

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