Refresh Your Interiors in 2020 with Wall Murals

It’s important that you see the interior of your store or space through your customer’s eyes. Take a look at your interior wall space for a moment and imagine how what your customers see. Are your walls outdated? Has time changed the shade of your paint? Or, is your space just bland, with no real personality to engage and interest customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, one of the best ways to refresh your space is with wall murals. They are more detailed, interesting, useful than a new paint job and often less expensive. Here are a few ways you can use wall mural decals to refresh your space in Naperville.

Create an Accent Wall

You don’t need to change every wall to make a big statement. Accent walls can be just as useful in a business setting as they are in your home. A single accent wall can change the look of a whole space, create a new focal point, and dramatically change the atmosphere of your store or office. Our expert designers can work with you and your space to make sure your mural has the impact it needs to

You may also benefit from a seasonal accent wall. You can easily remove vinyl mural wallpapers from your wall, while protecting the paint underneath. You can keep a mural up for a season, sale, or event, and replace it. Or if you like, you can re-use a mural when it’s appropriate.

Add Texture or Visual Interest

If you use paint, it is expensive or impossible to get the same textures and images that a wall mural can create. We can print very detailed, large images on your mural. We can also create the illusion of texture. This can dramatically increases the visual interest and style in your space.

Promote Your Brand or Products

Don’t want to fill a whole wall? Smaller wall mural decals can still help you refresh your space, at a lower cost. In particular, wall mural decals are great for promoting your brand while adding a new style to your space. For example, you could make a wall decal of your brand logo and place in prominently in your lobby.

Choose Captivating Signs & Graphics

A mural is only as good as the designer who helps you create it. That’s why you should work with the skilled and dedicated sign designers at Captivating Signs and Graphics. We create custom mural wallpapers in Naperville. Contact us today.

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