Short on Advertising Budget? Invest in Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are made of a plastic material that is corrugated (like cardboard). This inexpensive, durable material is easy to print on, and coroplast is therefore a great material for signs. We can take a blank coroplast sign and turn it into a bold marketing asset for you. If you’re low on advertising budget, or just want to make the most of your money, these signs are a perfect choice. Here are several advantages of these signs.

Low Cost

Planning on placing your signs throughout Naperville? Or, maybe you need temporary signs on a regular basis? Coroplast signs are a great option, as they are very low cost. Coroplast is an inexpensive material in comparison to many other sign materials, such as wood, metal and acrylic. Plus, these signs are thin, so they don’t use much material at all. The result is a very budget-friendly sign.

Durable but Lightweight

You can place coroplast signs outside, as the plastic isn’t affected by water, even over the long-term. Unlike with other signs, this durability doesn’t come at the cost of weight. Coroplast is very light and can be safely hung from temporary fencing, the side of your building, and elsewhere. Most people choose to attach thin metal supports to these signs and set them in the ground. They are great options for sidewalk and roadside signs.


We can print anything you like on Coroplast signs, including fonts and graphics. Bold color is no problem and it won’t fade in the rain. Eventually, the ink will fade out in the sun, but these signs are so easily replaceable that isn’t a disadvantage for most people. These signs are also flexible in size. We carry them in several sizes and you can combine multiple small signs to create one big sign or fill up space.

Who Can Make the Best Use of Coroplast Signs?

Anyone who needs temporary signs, a high volume of signs, or outdoor signs should consider Coroplast signs. Some industries that can make especially good use of these signs include:

  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Politics
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Charities
  • And many more

Discuss Coroplast Signs with the Experts at Captivating Signs & Graphics

Captivating Signs & Graphics is proud to offer a huge range of sign options to help our clients meet their goals. Reach out to us for blank Coroplast signs, or have us print the signs for you.

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