Stainless Steel Office Signs, Lobby Signs and Indoor Signs.

When you want a distinctive and durable way to represent your organization, stainless steel signage offers enormous versatility with a bit of an edgy feel. With a wide range of finishes and mounting options at your disposal, you can work with our staff to create a custom stainless steel logo or sign with a look like no other can provide.

We offer fabricated and waterjet-cut solid stainless steel signs and logos with premium-quality results. Fabricated stainless steel is cost effective and offers an affordable alternative to solid plate for depths of ½” to 8″ without resorting to the use of lesser-quality aluminum.

Solid stainless steel lends itself well to precision waterjet cutting and supports fine lines for letters and intricate designs for logos.

In addition, you get several impressive options to choose from that make your stainless steel signage stand out, including:

  • Available waterjet cutting of solid-plate stainless steel and precision fabrication for deeper, hollow stainless steel letters
  • Your choice of either brushed or polished finish
  • Natural rust finish available for a distressed or antique appearance
  • Mounting with spacers which allows stainless steel signs to “float” off the wall
  • Mounting to metal, glass, frosted acrylic or wood panels for added depth
  • LED backlighting or halo lighting for a sophisticated look for fabricated signs & logos

Is Stainless Steel Signage the Right Choice for You?

There’s an obvious difference between true stainless steel and other lower-quality materials. Nothing makes the same statement or possesses the unique characteristics that raw, brushed or polished stainless steel signage offers. What’s more, stainless steel:

  • Can accommodate intricate letters as small as ½” high
  • Can stand up to enormous letters as tall as 5-feet high
  • Has a one-of-a-kind look for which there simply are no substitutes
  • Allows for complete customization of your business signs in appearance as well as mounting

Other related stainless steel products are etched stainless steel plaques, and stainless steel letters, for more standard letters.

Your sign symbolizes your philosophy and style. Captivating Signs is the industry leader in helping businesses communicate their message. Call us today and we’ll create a sign that will win hearts, minds and souls, and will serve as a landmark for years to come.

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