Starting A Business? Consider These Indoor & Outdoor Signs

Launching a business is an exciting event, and the decisions that you make in the coming days, weeks, and months will go a long way to determining whether you achieve — and exceed — your growth and profit potential.

Naturally, your focus at this time is on things like working capital, supply chain management, technology investments, talent management, and competitive analysis. All of these are vital to your current and long-term success.

However, there is another piece of the puzzle that doesn’t get highlighted on the cover Inc. or Forbes, but definitely needs to be part of your success toolkit: choosing the right indoor business signs and outdoor business signs. Here are three smart options worth considering:

Wall Murals (Indoor)

Custom vinyl wall murals enable your business to tell a compelling story through images, symbols, colors and text. You can simply feature your business’s name, logo and tagline, or get creative and emblazon a wall mural with an inspiring message, or a word cloud that captures your team’s core values.

wall murals


Banners (Indoor and Outdoor)

Banners can be used in your offices or building, or they can head out with your team on the road for conferences, expos, and other promotional events. As with wall murals, you can customize banners in virtually limitless ways: size, shape, colors, graphics, texts, QR codes, and more.


outdoor banners


Metal Signs (Indoor and Outdoor)

Metal signs are incredibly durable and look beautiful day after day — whether they’re installed inside or outside. They can be customized with many different finishing and mounting options, and can be made from various materials including brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

Metal Signs

Find Quality Custom Indoor And Outdoor Signs At Captivating Signs 

The above are just some of the many indoor and outdoor business signs that can help launch your business in the right direction: one that leads to plenty of sales and success! To learn more, contact the team at Captivating Signs today at 630.470.6161 or email us at

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