The Types of Channel Letters Signs & Which is Right For Your Business

Channel letter signs are bold, 3-dimensional signs that can help your storefront stand out. These signs are custom-made and are usually mounted to the front of the building. There are a few different types of channel letter signs. If you’re looking for channel letters in Naperville, you’ll want to know which are available and which is right for your business. Here’s a quick explanation.



1. Standard Channel Letter Signs

These are the most common channel letter signs. They’re also called front-lit channel letters because they have lights embedded in the letters that shine through the front panels. Those panels are made of colorful acrylic that makes the sign eye-catching and reinforces your brand. These letters can be custom-cut, and the LED lights fitted in perfectly, no matter which font your brand uses.

Standard channel letter signs are the right choice for storefronts that need modern, bold signs that are still simple.

2. Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs

These channel letter signs are different because they are back-lit, which means that the lights are placed behind the letters. As a result, the letters look like they have a halo, which is why these signs are sometimes called halo-lit signs. They achieve a softer look during the day, but at night they are quite vibrant.

Back-lit channel letter signs are perfect for brands that want to develop an air of mystery or an atmosphere of romance. Restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses that attract customers at night can make great use of back-lit channel letter signs.

3. Open Face Channel Letter Signs

These signs are like standard channel letter signs in that the lights are placed into the letters directly. However, these signs omit acrylic panels on the front of the letter. Instead, neon lights are placed in the letters and allowed to shine through.

If your brand needs the brightest sign possible, this is a good choice for you. It’s also the perfect sign type for those brands that want to cultivate a retro or antique feeling. Plus, neon lights aren’t as expensive to power as they were in the past.

4. Specialty Channel Letter Signs

You don’t have to limit your sign to just letters. By cutting custom shapes we can design a channel letter sign for you that features your logo, or another relevant image that will help your customers recognize your brand and understand its message. The possibilities are endless.

Choose Your Channel Letter Sign From Captivating Signs

Choose Captivating Signs for your channel letters in Naperville. We offer a wide selection, custom signs, and a responsive design team that will help you achieve the look your brand needs.

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