The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Office Sign for Your Business

Making a good first impression on potential clients often sets the tone of your relationship. What better way to make a good first impression than with nice office lobby signs? As customers enter your establishment, this is an excellent way to establish your brand’s identity. They assist your company in introducing itself and explaining what it does best.

Eye-catching office signage for your business will help with the introduction and establishment of your company in the community. Captivating Signs can assist you in presenting your company in the best possible light by utilizing quality signage solutions. In this article, we compiled ways how to choose the best office signs for your business.

Here’s What You Need to Do for Your Business:

• Consider The Elements:
Will the sign be visible from the outside? If so, consider the natural elements surrounding the building’s location. Consider how to extend its life as much as possible. Consult with our team about the best materials to use for durability.

• Go Big:
When in doubt, go with the largest sign possible while staying within your budget. You don’t want your signage to fade into the background. Even as a vehicle drives by, a large sign stands out and draws attention.

• Add More Signs:
Don’t limit yourself to just one sign. As the brand’s budget allows, add more options. A large sign, for example, could be placed in front of the building, with smaller signs at the entrance to the parking lot or on the backside of the facility. In addition to the common acrylic or metal signs, you may consider glass office signs or changeable office door signs.

• Remove Any Clutter:
It’s tempting to add a lot of text to a sign to let people know what the brand stands for. However, too much on one side can confuse consumers. Consider how the office lobby signs is assembled. Is there anything hidden that could be offensive or embarrassing? Take into account any nearby obstacles. Does it cut off part of the name if someone drives down the road and passes the sign? What would it look like if those letters were missing?

• Selecting the Best Sign Maker:
An experienced sign company can make recommendations that are within your budget in order to create the best sign possible. They’ll understand how to install the sign so that it doesn’t fall or come apart over time. A sign can be an expensive investment, brands want them to last as long as possible without requiring costly repairs.

Your Trusted Sign Maker in Chicago and Naperville

Captivating Signs is the sign company to call in Chicago and Naperville. We provide excellent customer service in addition to high-quality signage products and services. From consultations to sign installation, our team of experts will walk you through the entire process. Contact us online today for a free consultation.

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